Chasse aux trésors à vélo avec Vira & Vasa

Discover Seignosse by bike with Vira & Vasa.
From the village to the ocean, you'll learn more about Seignosse's past, its landscapes and its secrets.

In spite of themselves, Vira and Vasa travel through time and space, sucked into a capricious tunnel. During their journeys, they leave traces of their passage. It's up to you to follow the same path as these two characters and find the traces they have left behind!
"The year is 1934, and Vira and Vasa land in Seignosse. André Vidal, a renowned painter, has been commissioned to create five canvases to decorate the council chamber in the town hall, but traumatised by the Great War, he has completely lost his inspiration. Vira and Vasa will try to give him the desire to paint again.

An itinerary to enjoy with the whole family and by bike!
An 8km ride lasting around 3 hours.