Concept store Maison Marcelle

Concept store / Organic tea room

Maison Marcelle plunges visitors into a very special world. A little atypical. A cheerful mess with the scent of travel. It's very small, but it's easy to get lost. You'll come across a treasure trove, a bag, a bar of soap, a dress, some socks, an illustration, a necklace, some shorts, a vinyl, an antique...
The choice is vast, with gift ideas aplenty. The music is often loud. I love it. Dad squints at the old Gottlieb pinball machine, Mum makes googly eyes at the designer jewellery, while the kids get away with the old pedal car...
The shop is alive. The decor is changing. Almost everything is for sale!
Around twenty designers and craftspeople from near and far have found a home here. Come and discover this unique place.

You can even enjoy a coffee, a smoothie or a beer.

Opening periods

  • From 30 March to 27 October 2024