My perfect day in Seignosse

In 5 years, I’ve been able to explore every detail of this commune, discovering some magnificent places and falling under Seignosse’s spell. Today, I consider myself a true local, and Seignosse holds no secrets from me!

Winter is calm. The wind and the waves intermingle, giving off that distinctive smell of sea spray. Little by little, the sun warms up, the forest lights up, spring arrives, life gets going again, the town wakes up… Then it’s time for a summer explosion: crowds flock to the beaches, surfing, tapas evenings with friends, it’s the good life in the south of the Landes!

The contrast is striking. Then the forest turns red, and autumn takes over. But autumn in Seignosse is more like an Indian summer! The programme is still swimming in the ocean, warmed by the summer, and prolonging your tan. It’s my favourite time of year: nature is at peace, the lights are soft, and I can enjoy long bike rides breathing in the scent of the pine trees.


There’s so much to discover in just one day, I’m taking you on my ideal Seignosse day out!

In the mornings, I love arriving early at the beach to take advantage of the calm, analysing the smallest details to see if anything has changed overnight, observing the ocean and the waves, scanning the horizon. Then I take a few deep breaths, and what I feel at that precise moment is that sea air that does me so much good, and off we go for the day ! 

Seignosse’s beaches are all magnificent, but my big favourite is the ESTAGNOTS beach, for its practicality, easy access and rather family-friendly feel. In my top 2 I’d also put the CASERNES beach, the wildest. The first time I went there I really wondered ” but where am I going? ”  a long track without any car, a little climb, and when you get to the top of the dune it’s always a big ” Wow, that was worth it! ” 

On my ideal day, I’ll then take a refreshing break at the Etang Noir Nature Reserve. A place where time stands still and you can reconnect with nature. Along the wooden footbridge, I was able to see some superb dragonflies, migratory birds, fluorescent yellow spiders… you name it! The vegetation is lush with ferns and carrex, which I admire for their beauty, and there are some beautiful hibiscus hiding there. I often take my friends there to show them this corner of paradise.


For lunch, there’s a good choice of super-friendly restaurants, I like to eat local (I’m such a chauvinist …) a good duck breast or chipirons a la plancha, with a traditional “Landais” dessert:  the apple “tourtière” washed down with Armagnac. And for breakfast or a snack, there’s nothing better than a good “Pastis”. I can see you coming… a what? Yes, a “pastis landais”, it’s a big brioche with crunchy sugar on top, it’s a treat ! Mind you, I don’t eat Landais pastis every day… You need to vary your diet, and there are lots of restaurants in Seignosse that serve “healthy” food, which I love: woks, açaï bowls, salads with lots of flavour, fresh fruit juices etc… it’s vitamin-packed and often organic or vegan, it’s my detox routine!

To round off a sunny day, I improvise a picnic on the beach or an aperitif-tapas in a beach hut to watch the sunset. Everyone does it here! with family or friends, the beach at sunset is a time to get together, a moment to ourselves….

I hope I’ve inspired you to discover Seignosse, which is the coolest commune I know A lot of people only visit in the summer, but if I can give you a little local advice: try Spring or Indian Summer it’s even better!